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Militarising Minds, Hindutvaising the Nation – By Subhash Gatade

…it came as a little surprise that the RSS has decided to start a school in the memory of its first non-brahmin and non-Maharashtrian supremo Rajendra Singh alias Rajju Bhaiya (1922-2003), who was its chief from 1994-2000.… Normally, an idea to start a school is met with jubilation, but this news has caused an opposite effect. From educationists, to social activists to political leaders, one can hear voices of concern.

Expressing her reservations about role of RSS in running a military school, a leading educationist (Prof Anita Rampal) broadly raised three points while participating in a television panel discussion… Close on the heels of the discussions around the New Education Policy Draft presented by the Kasturirangan Committee, which even talks of role of retired teachers and retired army personnel in education, this project looks worrisome.

Questioning the whopping sum of Rs 40 crore which would be spent over it, Akhilesh Yadav, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, underlined that since we already have enough such institutions “[r]un by the government, where is the need for RSS to run its own army school,” The Samajwadi Party leader did not hide his apprehensions about what will be taught there. “[R]SS apparently wanted to serve its political purpose by opening the army school where the students will “probably be taught lessons in mob lynching and disrupting social harmony”.…